OnLAN Messenger 4.3.0: OnLAN Messenger - business corporate secure lan instant messaging software

OnLAN Messenger 4.3.0

LAN Messenger service consists of three program modules: Server part(details): * OnLAN Server (server) * OnLAN Monitor (monitor) Client part(details): * OnLAN Messenger (client) OnLAN Server module supports different types of exchange between service clients, organizing access to the database. There are two types of administration: console and web-interface, with ability to separate administrators` roles. OnLAN Monitor module is a support module

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AM LAN Messenger 6.0: AM LAN Messenger the LAN Messenger for office, free for 20 users.

AM LAN Messenger 6.0

Messenger, internal staff can be at any place, any time for instant messaging. 2. File and folder transfer AM LAN Messenger have made a special optimized and the fastest speeds is up to 5M. 3. Group send AM LAN Messenger can group send message to hundred users whether they online or offline. 4. Screen capture 5. Online meeting AM LAN Messenger can invite any online person to join the meeting to discuss online. 6. Message track/sign AM LAN Messenger


Outlook LAN Messenger 6.0.39: Instant LAN Messenger for Text, Group & Voice Chat, File transfer within Office

Outlook LAN Messenger 6.0.39

LAN Messenger is an instant messaging software designed for use within Small, Medium and Corporate Office`s Local Area Network. This Intranet Messenger is an ideal replacement for internet messengers in companies, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve internal communications, business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside the company. This software includes Instant Text Messaging, File Transfer, Offline Messaging,

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Akeni LAN Messenger (Instant Messaging) 1.2.2: Akeni LAN messenger is a business instant messaging IM for LAN and Intranet.

Akeni LAN Messenger (Instant Messaging) 1.2.2

LAN messenger is designed for business instant messaging (IM) for LAN and Akeni Intranet Portal. Akeni LAN Messenger can be used with existing Enterprise IM, Corporate IM systems or Akeni Social Network Software. The LAN Instant messaging IM does not require connection to the internet. Also with its intuitive user interface, those familiar with public IM clients such as MSN Messenger or AOL AIM, will be using Akeni like a pro in no time. Basic features

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Softros LAN Messenger 4.6: LAN messenger from Softros. Instant LAN messaging software for offices.

Softros LAN Messenger 4.6

Softros LAN Messenger is a instant LAN messaging software application for home or office users. It does not require a server and is very easy to install and use. The program correctly identifies all Windows XP/Vista/7/8 user accounts and works in any TCP/IP network. Softros LAN Messenger comes with a variety of handy features, like message notification alarms, files transfer, and intuitive interface. Supports Windows/Citrix terminal services.

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Winpopup LAN Messenger 5.3: It is a powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users.

Winpopup LAN Messenger 5.3

messenger lan messengers, there is no limit on the size of each message. Select sounds to be played when sending or receiving messages from the twelve sounds (*.wav) provided by the lan messenger. Users will find the winpopup easy to deploy as the winpopup does not need the use of a server and works immediately upon installation. There are a host of attractive lan messenger features that will appeal to any basic user and speedy message delivery is

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Flashdeli 3.95: Flashdeli LAN Messenger is an instant messaging system for your LAN or intranet.

Flashdeli 3.95

LAN or intranet. This software is a replacement for Microsoft WinPopup or Messenger services. It will give you a solid boost in office productivity. Using this feature-rich yet simple messaging program, you will never miss important messages. At the same time, our LAN Messenger can be configured not to disturb you while you are busy. Simply install Flashdeli LAN Messenger on all computers in your network and you will always have this reliable information

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WireNote 3.5.2

Note/Todo/Reminder/LAN Messenger/Address book utility. This program was created to help in organization of daily work with such features as ToDo/Reminders and sticky notes service along with address book and LAN messenger. The kernel of the program is easy-to-use tree-structured data holder. This program can be used instead of standard Windows messaging service or WinPopup and can be extended in functionality when used with our other products.

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LanToucher Messenger 1.55: LanToucher Messenger is instant messaging software internal networks.

LanToucher Messenger 1.55

LanToucher Messenger software on two or more computers on your local network. The installation is fairly simple, and takes less than one minute! There is no signing-in or registering required. LanToucher Messenger is compatible with Microsoft WinPopup (Windows 3.x/95/98/ME), Messenger service / `net send` command (Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003), Samba smbclient (Unix/Linux), and a range of compatible instant messengers based on the standard SMB/

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Morz Text to Speech 0.1: Morz Text to Speech is a free text to speech converter

Morz Text to Speech 0.1

Morz Text to Speech is a free text to speech converter with easy and simple user interface. This is the perfect tool for everybody to deal with text. It offers female voices using MPEG-2 layer 3 format and 32 kbps at 16000 Hz Mono. The possibilities are endless using this software.

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